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You may also use the Online Store to purchase your uniform items. Follow the below map for further details. Further details will be released shortly regarding Term 1, holiday opening hours. The shop will be closed until further notice. We do not accept American Express. The Uniform Shop also accepts phone orders and payment from parents for collection by students.

Click here to visit the Online Store information regarding uniform and pricing can be found here. The wide-brimmed College hat is also available to purchase at both the Marian and Lavalla Campus receptions.

West Wear has been proudly providing school uniforms and apparel for 21 years. Our uniforms are made in Australia to meet the active lifestyle requirements of our students. A catholic school educating in the marist tradition. Login Login Portal. Wednesday 22 April — Uniform Requirements Click here to visit the Online Store information regarding uniform and pricing can be found here.

Contact Terms and Conditions Disclaimer. Website by FireflyFor the College photos, students are expected to wear items from the Academic Uniform as outlined in the Uniform and Grooming Requirements document.

edu college uniform

Students have choice in relation to which items they choose to wear and, as this can vary greatly, we ask that all students wear their blazers for the College photos. In relation to hair, jewellery and makeup, students are expected to adhere to the expectations outlined in the document mentioned above. Students who are unable to meet uniform and grooming expectations will not be permitted to have their photo taken. College Uniform. Please see below for the current College uniform requirements.

Students who are in breach of any of the uniform expectations and are not able to or are unwilling to correct the breach, will not be able to attend normal classes and College events. College Photos - Uniform Expectations For the College photos, students are expected to wear items from the Academic Uniform as outlined in the Uniform and Grooming Requirements document. Feature Event Awards Assembly.

edu college uniform

Feature Event Student Elections. Feature Event Alumnae Committee Meeting. Feature Event Athletics Carnival. Aberfeldie Athletics Track. Feature Event Bruton House Welcome 7.

Feature Event Cahill House Welcome 7. Feature Event Cater House Welcome 6. Feature Event Celebration of Excellence Evening pm. Feature Event Christmas Concert. Feature Event College Assembly. Feature Event College Musical Matinee. Feature Event College Photo Day. Feature Event Combined Music Concert. Feature Event Cunningham House Welcome 7. Feature Event de Lacy House Welcome 6. Feature Event Diving Competition.

Feature Event E Smart Presentation pm. Feature Event Father's Day Breakfast. Feature Event Feast of Saint Columba. Feature Event Feast of St Columba. Feature Event Feast of the Assumption Mass.

Feature Event Graduation Ticket collection. Feature Event High Achievers Assembly. Feature Event Indigenous Immersion Commences.By having a compulsory uniform, the college aims to present a positive image of our college to the wider community and to make our school safer by identifying our students from students from other schools and outsiders ensure that we are compliant with current Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. We have a very strict uniform policy and by enrolling at John Fawkner College, students and parents are agreeing to comply with the uniform policy.

Any variation to the official uniform items are not tolerated. Consequences for students not wearing the correct school uniform result in the allocation of a demerit point. Students who are consistently not in school uniform will be suspended and parents will be required to attend a meeting to resolve the issue. For A Plus Schoolwear opening hours and information Click here. Sports uniform is only to be worn during PE classes. Students must not come to school in sports uniform unless specified by the college.

Not Acceptable Shoes. We have a fantastic new uniform that students wear with pride. Why we have a uniform? Search for:. College Uniform. Summer Dress with College logo.

Marching Blazers Uniform - New Uniform, New Era

Wint er Skirt. Short sleeve shirt with College logo — White. Long sleeve shirt with College logo — White. Jacket with college logo — Burgundy. College shorts — Grey. College trousers — Grey. College approved tie optional. College approved blazer optional. Acceptable School Shoes.

College Bag. College Sports Uniform. Sports Jacket. Sports Pants. Sports Shorts. Sports Polo. Sports Shoes. Sports Bag. MCCF Uniform. MCCF Polo. MCCF Shorts.

College Uniform

MCCF Socks.To make an on-site fitting appointment, review prices or place an order online, create an account with Alinta Apparel. Tuesday 1pm — pm Thursday 8am — 11am. I would like to see a summary of all the College uniform items. Where do I go? Please refer to the College uniform summary here. What are the most recent updates to the College uniform?

The current blue shirt or blouse may only be worn as an alternative for those in Year 12 in Students commencing Year 11 in will wear a white shirt or blouse.

What is the College shoe policy? Primary School Boys Black, polishable leather lace-up or velcro school shoes. Primary School Girls Black, polishable leather lace-up, velcro or buckle school shoes.

Secondary School Black, enclosed leather lace-up school shoes with substantial soles and a distinct heel. This style meets safety requirements for practical subjects.

edu college uniform

Ballet types, buckle or strap styles except in Primary School as aboveslip-ons, high heels, open weave, open toe or open heel styles, jogger or skater styles, shoes with excessive laces or perforations, casual or canvas shoes.

These styles do not meet health and safety standards. Do sport shoes need to be black? No, sport shoes do not need to be black. The College requests that the shoe colour matches the colour of the laces. Can my child wear a uniform with the old logo i. The old logo Crest with open book is no longer permitted, except on the College backpack.

Please bring any old logo uniforms to the College front office and they will be donated to charities. Does my child need to wear a hat when outside?One very practical way that our young men can support St James College is to wear the College uniform well. The following information is made available so all parents and students are aware of our expectations and requirements.

Students are expected to wear clothing that is clean and pressed. Hair should be well groomed. No extreme hairstyle or colouring is permitted. Hair is to be worn neatly, tidily, and above the collar, ears and eyes. Earrings or studs are not permitted. No jewellery or wrist bands, except watches, may be worn with the St James College uniform. Students should at all times be clean shaven. At no time is there the need for rain jackets to be worn in class. The use of name tags sewn on to clothing is highly recommended.

St James College will endeavour to return marked articles which are found, to their owners; it will disclaim any responsibility for unmarked articles. The summer uniform consists of the monogrammed summer shirt no college tielong trousers or shorts with college socks, socks and polished black leather lace up shoes.

If an outer garment is worn, it will be the St James College blazer. If it is cooler, the College jumper may be worn underneath the blazer. Only on wet days may the over jacket be worn, over the blazer, apart from Sports uniform.

The Summer shirt, worn outside the trousers, must be tucked in when being worn under the St James College blazer. T-shirts are not to be worn under the summer shirt, singlets are permitted. The winter uniform consists of long grey trousers, grey socks, polished black leather lace-up school shoes, long-sleeved College shirt, College tie and College blazer. The jumper may be worn under the blazer during cooler weather. The blazer is always to be worn when travelling to and from school.

On very cold days, plain black coloured scarves are permitted to be worn with the St James College uniform, whilst travelling to or from school.

School Uniform & Anthem

Parents wishing to purchase or sell second hand books and uniform are encouraged to use The Sustainable School Shop. Click here to access the website.

College Uniform. Shirts are to be tucked into trousers when travelling to and from school and during class. Summer Uniform — Terms 1 and 4 The summer uniform consists of the monogrammed summer shirt no college tielong trousers or shorts with college socks, socks and polished black leather lace up shoes. Winter Uniform — Terms 2 and 3 The winter uniform consists of long grey trousers, grey socks, polished black leather lace-up school shoes, long-sleeved College shirt, College tie and College blazer.Khaki pants, plaid skirts, collared shirts, blazers.

For the past decade or so, there has been a huge controversy in the United States regarding whether or not kids should be mandated to wear uniforms to school. As with any argument, there are pros and cons to each side. Many people are not overly enthusiastic about forcing students to wear uniforms, so the pros list is not very extensive. The main advantage to uniforms, however, is their ability to make all kids feel like equals. Sometimes underprivileged kids or kids who do not like to dress like the others are teased for their appearance at school, but if uniforms were enforced, this would no longer be an issue.

Everyone would look the same, so there would be no room to judge others based on their outer appearance. The reason why this proposal has not been mandated in every school is due to the fact that there are many more cons that outweigh the advantage. With uniforms, kids no longer feel they are able to truly showcase who they are.

Another disadvantage often considered is the cost of them. Uniforms are often times not cheap, and requiring everyone to purchase them could put many families through financial distress. Since they have to wear the uniforms everyday, they must purchase multiples of the same article of clothing.

In addition, many kids experience drastic body changes throughout middle and high school, requiring them to purchase new uniforms each year. Over 12 years of primary and secondary education, the cost of these uniforms would add up to be an expensive item for families to consider. However, if the uniforms are purchased for the students, would there still be a big criticism towards the idea?

This school district requires uniforms to be worn, so they consider them to be just like any other school supply, and for this reason they feel it is necessary to purchase them for their students. This district mainly contains poor and minority families, who are unable to purchase them, and are often times unable to purchase many clothes at all, so they feel it is in the best interest of the students that they save money to go towards buying uniforms for all. The town was thrilled with this decision, and has not complained about the requirement for uniforms at all.

The Classic Mickey Mouse Logo. Other schools choose to require dress codes for what they consider to benefit the safety and wellbeing of their students. Several dress code violations were given each week because the administration felt that the attire was going to inspire kids to join gangs. Many things were banned, including overly baggy clothes, Dickies-brand clothing, clothing with Mickey Mouse on it, and mohawks. Who would have thought that this innocent Disney character would be banned due to relations with gang violence?

In my opinion, this does not seem like a feasible idea, especially at a school like Penn State. A majority of college kids are over 18, meaning they are legal adults, so it would be ridiculous to mandate that they all wear the same attire.

College is the time to mature and grow into the person you want to become. Many students in college find their true selves, but I feel they would be unable to do this if they did not have the freedom to wear what they want and express their personalities. However, some smaller school that are private and have a religious undertone, such as the University of Santo Tomas, do require their students to wear uniforms. I suppose the kids who elect to go to a school like that understands that they will be required to wear a uniform before they commit to go there, but I still do not understand the purpose it serves and I feel these students are being deprived of their rights of freedom.

The debate of school uniforms will forever be talked about in the United States, but ultimately the decision of whether or not they will be required will come down to each individual school and its beliefs. Certainly, wearing uniforms is not ideal to many because it does take away a degree of personal expression, but in the case of the Elizabeth School District it seems like a very awesome thing.

Wearing a uniform would definitely take away bad influences, like gang influence-although this seems like a rare case. I think uniform enforcement is best decided on a case by case basis. I definitely see both sides of having uniforms in school. I personally have gone to a public school for all of my life so if someone were to tell me that uniforms should now be enforced in public schools, I would definitely be against it.

I completely agree that no uniforms allow students to express themselves and make them unique from the rest. Even though it does alleviate the issue of having our economic status be represented by our outfits, I feel that overall having more freedom in the types of pants and shirts we wear allows us to form ourselves as people instead of conforming to a certain set of rules that the school wants us to follow.

Overall, however, I do feel as though having uniforms is usually properly justified by the schools who end up enforcing uniforms. For example, some private schools will only add to their prestige by having their students wear uniforms.Varsity College is a full-uniform college.

The college has a proud reputation and the uniform is regarded by the college community as being important in encouraging a sense of self-esteem, belonging and self-discipline in our students. All students are expected to observe the details of correct attire and appearance. Students must be wearing the complete dress uniform or sports uniform in accordance with school routine and policy.

Students should present in a neat and tidy manner at all times.


This includes, but not limited to, whilst travelling to or from the college or whenever a student is out in the community wearing the college uniform. This high standard will ensure that our students continue to represent themselves and the college in an outstanding way. The uniform has been designed in consultation with the school community and with elements of safety, comfort, climate, modesty, cost, efficiency, social equity, community values, and activity taken into account.

For convenience, the college offers a number of ways in which parents and secondary students can purchase items from our uniform shops:. Tuesday: 7. If required, uniforms can be purchased over the phone by contacting the uniform shops. Items can be purchased using Visa or MasterCard. Items can be collected from the uniform shop during trading hours and are subject to the schools' return policy refer below. Uniform Price List. Uniform Return Policy. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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