Fayette county jail ky

In an effort to help "flatten the curve", we have implemented emergency procedures to protect the staff and the public. We are closed to the public for the foreseeable future. In addition, staffing will be heavily reduced.

Fayette County Detention Center

Most transactions are still available, although in restricted ways. Transactions that are currently unavailable are being addressed, and will be updated on this website when we are ready.

Look up your paid Vehicle Taxes for Uninsured Notice?

fayette county jail ky

Does your boat have an invalid HIN? What are your office hours? Where is the Fayette County Clerk's office? How do I renew my vehicle registration? I need help with my voter registration. What do I need for a marriage license? Options for delivering documents.

How to obtain copies of documents, such as deeds, mortgages, plats, etc. How to obtain a marriage license. How to apply or renew a notary. How to register to vote. How to renew your registration. Can't find what you want? Call us at Records: Options for delivering documents. Elections and Voting: How to register to vote. Vehicles: How to renew your registration.Prisoners sentenced to a minimum - maximum prison are often sent to Fayette County Detention Center.

This is located in Lexington, KY,a city in Fayette. Always call the jail to verify that an inmate is at that location and can receive visitors before traveling. Inmates need contact with their friends and family on the outside.

But Jails and Prisons don't make this easy. An inmate can then make their calls using the local number rate while talking to friends and family long distance.

This service is provided by Securtel at [Link to Secrutel]. To send mail to an inmate, go to send postcards. Once you are able to communicate with your inmate, you can start making plans for visitation. There are many types of prison facility in KY. Each will have it's own rules and times for visitation, calls and mail. It's important to know the type of prison facility because this will largely determine what is permitted.

Prison is expensive. Phone calls are the most costly, especially without a local number, But also items an inmate needs like soap, envelopes and stamps will all cost money.

So the first thing to do is ensure phone calls are economical so you can discuss a budget. So make adjustments in your call times if you aren't in that same timezone. The warden may or may not be available to talk to.

This will depend on the size of the facility. It's important for prison families to help each other to help their loved ones inside and out. By sharing information about Fayette County Detention Center with other families, it will help them avoid mistakes and confusion that no one needs or wants. Kentucky Department Of Corrections.Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.

Karl: no Lisa: no, everyone was understanding of my circumstances, and I understood them Zach: well some inmates it was easy to get along with and some not so much. Jeff: Yes and no. It really just depended on the person but when everyone is just as frustrated as you are things can go escalate quickly between two individuals and even end up in violence.

Maurice: No i was easy Jose: at first not i was welcomes because of the religious group, but later they put me in a pod with even worse the major of the pod was very racist Kelly: It was really hard at times but I tried to stay to myself and not get involved in the drama. I got into an argument one time with a girl because of her being so loud and disrespectful acting as if she owned the cell. Ken: Everybody has problems with other inmates. The reason I say this is because if you put the best of the worst together, your gonna have alot of problems.

From drug addicts complaining about there little ten daysto child molesters trying to be your friends. JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?

Karl: be ya self. And if everyone is respectful, then problems do not arise. Zach: well there was a lot of me time meaning laying in my bed and getting into a good book. I would try to just block it out of my mind like I wasn't there also you have to pick your friends very carefuly and not have many at all. Kelly: there were not a lot of problems in the jail with fighting like I said the inmates were respectful to one another as long as you respected people they would give you the respect back the thirty days that I was there I did not see a fight or an argument.

Jeff: The most helpful thing I found to do was to just avoid as many people as you can and try to mind your own business. I also liked to read and play games to pass the time but sometimes even games can end in violence when someone loses and doesn't like that idea. Maurice: Played cards watched tv and played ball write letters home talked about what we was in there for and what we was going to do to change our life and what or who we was changeing our lifes for witch for the most part it was our kids we may be in jail but most all of us miss the hell out of our kids Jose: read, kept to yourself, watch tv, didnt talk to anyone of try to comunnicate with them, i played cards alone as well as read some books or hell if u truly wanted to avoid a fight you go to pc were ur in a cell by yourself but only get 2 hours of rec Kelly: I had to really practice patience and bite my tongue a lot.

I stayed in my bunk most of the time reading and minding my own business. I didnt ask anybody for anything nor did I do any kind of trading.

I basically tried to go with the flow and be accepting of my situation. Ken: I worked out alot. It helped me to release aggression and build up my body and health over all.

I usually was not the one to avoid a fight, but then again I was usually the one that after a few fights nobody else really wanted to give me a problem. JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate s change? Karl: yea Lisa: no Zach: no you don't get to pick your cell mate one day you could be housed with a drunk the next a robber.

Kelly: we were not able to pick our cell mates I was in with about 12 other other girls and the cell mates did not change that often because there were so many of us Jeff: No because based on the degree of my charge and it being violent I was in a single cell. But based on what I think I know it is not an option to pick a cellmate.The most recent crime data for the state show that Fayette County recorded 5, violent crimes and 12, property crimes in Compared to crime figures forthe violent crime rate for the county jumped by A closer look at reported crimes for shows there were 26 murders, rapes, 4, assaults, and robberies in the county.

Fayette County also recorded 1, burglaries, 9, larcenies, 1, motor vehicle thefts, and 50 arsons in the same year. The latest five-year crime trend for the county indicates that the only crime rates to fall between and are robbery In the same period, other crime rates rose: murder Citizens can request for such checks by mail.

To request a general criminal history check, download and complete the Request for Conviction Records Form. Attach a check or money order for the fee to the completed form and mail the request to:. This report is based on historic court records of the subject of the check.

When making a mail-in or in-person request, complete the Criminal Record Request Form and return it to:. Enclose a check or money order for the fee with the completed form. The office business hours are between a. Police reports for Fayette County are provided by the police department in the city, borough, or town where the event described in the report occurred. For example, police and accident reports for the City of Lexington, the county seat, are provided by the Lexington Police Department.

Request a copy of a police report from this law enforcement agency by mail or in-person at:. Main Street Lexington, KY Reports are only provided to individuals involved in the incidents they cover. A requester must provide the following information to obtain a report: case number, name and address of the complainant, date of offense, information about the event, and a valid photo ID. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope when submitting a mail-in request.

fayette county jail ky

Copies of reports are provided at 10 cents per page. Information on registered sex offenders living in Fayette County is contained in the statewide sex offender registry maintained by the KSP. The registry is available online and the public can search for registered sex offenders living in their neighborhoods. To locate a registered sex offender living in Fayette County, search the database by name or a street address in the county.

Use the neighborhood search map to find all registered sex offenders living with a 5-mile radius of a home address. The main correctional facility in the county is the Fayette County Detention Center. The Detention Center has a capacity of 1, inmates and it is under the supervision of the county's Division of Community Corrections. Fayette County Detention Center is located at:. Cash and card deposits are accepted at these locations. To find information about an inmate in incarcerated in the Fayette County Detention Center, use the inmate locator tool on the Lexington City website.

Individuals are required to register on the site with a valid email address to be able to access inmate records.Search for an inmate. Fayette County Detention Center. Administration: Booking: Inmate Info: Police: Records: Sheriff: Kentucky no longer allows outside bail companies to act as an agent for people arrested there, so if an inmate wants to be bonded out it must be by a friend, family member or themselves.

The bail page lists the various bail bond amounts for each offense, the different types of bonds, acceptable bail bond collateral, bond costs, where to post a bond and the hours you can post a bond in Fayette County. About the Fayette County Detention Center. Inmates range from low level misdemeanor offenders to those being held and awaiting trial for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder.

Fayette County KY Detention Center

Therefore, the security level must be high. Correctional officers in Fayette County Detention Center are armed with mace and trained to use physical force to protect themselves, visitors and inmates from violence.

All of the men and women being held in the Fayette County Detention Center are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Fayette County Court System and been sentenced to one year or less.

Convicted and Sentenced Inmates. When an inmate is convicted and sentenced to a year or more, they are transferred to the Kentucky State Prison System or the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Illegal immigrants convicted of a state or federal crime will first do their time, then may be transferred into ICE custody for deportation. Jail Main : Police: Sheriff: Inmate Mail.

Inmate Phone. Sending Money. Inmate Bail. Inmate Search. A full list of the cities and towns can be found below. Search This Jail. Fayette County Jail Inmate List. Fayette County Jail Inmate Search. Fayette County Inmates - mobile. Recent Arrests - Fayette County.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries.

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A Day in the Life of a Correctional Officer

Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Over all regular work place, it is not for everyone. Been with the company for over 10 years. It is not for everyone. The job takes someone with the skills to develop and adapt to an ever changing job. It is about care custody and control. Was this review helpful? Yes 1 No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Management isnt good. They are petty and want to right people up. They treat staff like children. The inmates have more rights than officers.

Yes No. Fayette County Detention Center was a great place to learn and build on the field of mental health. It was challenging but at the same time every day was different and never dull. Great experience and I would work there again.

Fayette County Jail - Lexington, Kentucky

Supervisor and staff were understanding and friendly.Due to the Coronavirus, our staff will not be in the office for their safety - please email all communication requests to aid inmateaid.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. Fayette County accepts inmates from surrounding towns, municipalities, the US Marshal's Service and the Lexington Police Department who do not have their own long-term lock-up.

Commissary - Community Corrections provides commissary services to offenders. Order commissary for an offender by visiting My Care Pack. Depositing funds In-person - The Detention Center has kiosks located in the front lobby that allow family and friends to deposit money into the inmate's account. Funds are available for the inmate's use within 30 minutes of the deposit.

fayette county jail ky

They are accessible hours a day, seven days a week. The kiosks accept:. Money orders are no longer accepted.

Fayette County Detention Center Employee Reviews

For a nominal fee, these sites allow you to deposit funds to an offender's account using a debit card or credit card. Phone You can deposit funds by calling 1 and use a credit or debit card to post money Phone, email, voice mail services Securus Technologies provide phone and email services to the inmate population. They offer the following programs: Collect Calls — offenders may place collect call using the inmate telephone system.

The called party is responsible for all billed charges. Debit Calls — offenders may place a debit call using money in their commissary account. The offender is responsible for all billed charges. Refunds - Offenders may release funds to their family and friends during the inmate accounts office business hours, during the first seven days of their incarceration.

A picture ID must be shown. Special circumstances will be considered but must be approved by the Director or his designee after the seventh day. People who are no longer incarcerated may pick up any remaining funds during normal business hours.

We must see a picture ID.

fayette county jail ky

Mailing refunds back to people who live further than 75 miles from the Detention Center is possible. Inmate accounts must receive a notarized letter from the inmate in order to do so.

The letter must include the following information:. They respond to requests originating from inmates on a daily basis. The inmate services counselors visit each housing unit to speak with inmates. A counselor is available five days per week to explain policy and procedure to the inmates. Counselors assist with questions they have about the facility.

Inmate Services acts as a liaison between the inmate population and the administration. Inmate Services strives to uphold recognized inmate rights and require other departments to do the same. The Inmate Services Unit assists inmates with establishing contact with other agencies when appropriate. Educational and life skills programs The Educational and Life Skills Programs address the basic educational needs of the inmate population as well as life skills needs by utilizing cognitive based programming designed to encourage rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

The programs include GED, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, job skills and parenting skills.


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