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It is one of the largest groups as it consists of 12 amazing girls. IZONE members may have different nationalities and skills, but that is what makes them unique. Knowing and memorizing each IZONE members names is quite a challenge, but all of them are worth knowing.

IZ*ONE Members Profile: Complete Info

Netizens suggested the group's name through the official Produce 48 website. IZ is a numeronym for the number 12, which is a homage to their twelve members. Check out this profile summary of each girl with all the details you want to know — from IZONE members birthday to their position and even nationality.

The girls are surprisingly young because they are all just in their early twenty's. Besides the members' age, fans also want to know their height. If you are one of those who is curious about IZONE members height, we listed the height of each one down for you:. The sub-unit had its first performance on June 9, Ayayaya Hush is also a title of their song.

It's a summery tropical house song that fans online have likened to the Produce 48 unit hit Rumor. The song peaked at number one on three of the South Korean major charts, including Bugs, Soribada, and Mnet. The song also topped the iTunes K-pop Singles Chart in two countries and ranked within the top 10 in eight states; achieved more than 4.

They garnered their first music program win a week later on M Countdown, ten days after their official debut and broke the record for the fastest girl group to receive a music program win at the time. Besides La vie en rosethere are other top-charting songs the group has produced.

We know that you are all patiently waiting to see them perform on stage again because we are, too. Provided by Showbizz Daily. Hannah Benavidez. Sikat na aktres, nahuli sa Edsa walang quarantine pass.

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Please give an overall site rating:. Privacy Statement.New content loaded, scroll down! Hold on, looking for more. She ranked 1 in Produce48 withvotes, earning her a spot in the group. We use cookies at kpopping. I understand. Height 5'7". Fun Facts About Wonyoung 1. Wonyoung is the youngest of the group, but also the tallest. Open Wonyoung Profile Page. Associated Groups. Yujin Sub-Vocal.

Yuri Main Vocal. Yena Main Rapper. Nako Lead Vocal. Hyewon Visual, Sub-Vocal. Hitomi Lead Dancer. Chaewon Lead Vocal. Minju Sub-Vocal, Visual. Chaeyeon Main Dancer, Lead Rapper. Not by the Moon GOT7.

izone profile

SPIT Solar. Community Sponsors Your favorite Kpop albums, lightsticks and more straight from Korea. Wonyoung can speak English. She went to a international kindergarten school and continues to be tutored in English. Wonyoung is part Taiwanese and her name in Chinese is Chang Yuanying. Her father is Korean but grew up in Taiwan while her mother is part Taiwanese and part Korean.

Wonyoung served as class president from 3rd grade to 6th grade when she was attending Shin Young San Elementary School. During Violeta era, Wonyoung had to take cold shower in winter because her purple hair turned pink when she showering in warm water.

Wonyoung is very timid around seniors and always checks their reaction to things she does, but goes crazy when she is with fellow member Yuri. Wonyoung trained for one year and two months under Starship Entertainment before appearing on Produce Her must-take item while traveling is face mask and ointment. She always take a pill case. She will take allergy medicine and ointment. Wonyoung's childhood dream is being an announcer or a lawyer. If she didn't become a singer she will be studying hard and trying to be an announcer.Throughout the program, Chaeyeon consistently lead the members as a dance teacher and leader.

She showed off her new skills during the concept evaluation and debut evaluation, and will known as a talented visual member of IZONE. Chaewon saw a rise in popularity following her performance during the vocal position challenge. With her background as a cheerleader, Hitomi has been a strong contestant from the start because of her amazing skill as a dancer.

The 16 year old has been an active member of AKB48 for 4 years. Known for her innocent looks and captivating eyes, Hyewon has steadily climbed up the ranks. As a trainee for less than a year, she has shown hard work and steady progress throughout the show.

Eunbi is a powerful leader, just like her lookalike Irene of Red Velvet. She is a strong dancer and singer, and has visuals worthy of being centre. Eunbi has trained for over 5 years and her hard work shows in her strong skills! Known as the trainee who rose from Class F to Class A, year old Nako hit 1 overall during the group evaluations thanks to her strong performance as main vocal.

Her adorably short stature, humble personality and exceptional skills made National Producers fall for her. Yoojin has been a fan favourite from the start. She is skilled in singing and dancing, and has commercial-worthy visuals. Yena is well-known for being very bright, affectionate and energizing.

Profil, Biodata, Fakta IZONE

When it comes to being on stage, she can be very fierce and powerful. A former contestant on Idol SchoolJo Yuri has gained huge popularity for her strong vocals and husky voice — despite only 9 months as a trainee.

Not wanting to rely on her looks only, she strived to develop her skills and take on different concepts throughout the competition and captured the heart of National Producers. Wonyoung gets to celebrate her 14th birthday with the incredible present of becoming the centre of IZONE. Skip to content. Share This Post Facebook. These idols proved they have the looks and the skills to make it! IU says that if you do all these, especially 5, girls would be more attracted to you.

Chaeyoung is known for her stellar visuals that shine no matter what!They will be active for two and a half years on a special contract before disbanding sometime in In earlyMnet announced the third installment to their Produce franchise which aimed to bring together 48 Korean trainees from several entertainment companies and 48 Japanese idols from the J-pop idol group AKB48 and their sister groups to form a girl group with 12 members chosen by the viewers.

Five days after the event, the group released the music video for the song and views on YouTube surpassed 5 million within a week. The single was officially released on February 6. The album soldcopies in the first week which is a new record for girl groups at the time. After all tickets for the initial two concerts were sold out, Off The Record added one additional concert date on June 7.

On June 26, the group released their second Japanese single " Buenos Aires ". The single was certified Gold two weeks later. Following the conclusion of Produce Xvote rigging allegations surfaced after viewers noticed irregularities in the number of votes counted, which series PD Ahn Joon Young later admitted were rigged, as well as the votes for the other Produce seasons, including Produce On January 20, it was announced that Japanese management agency AKS would change up the company's name and divide up the management of its artists.

Following this, it was announced on March 10 that Swing Entertainment would become involved in co-managing the girl group with Off The Record Entertainment. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. The moment we become one, please pay attention everyone! Contents [ show ]. This article is a stub. You can help Kpop Wiki by expanding it. Jonas Blue - " Rise ". Produce Categories :. Eyes on me! Miyawaki Sakura. Yabuki Nako.Acara tersebut mulai tayang pada tanggal 15 Juni sampai 31 Agustus di Mnet. A Saat debut bersama Ye. Mau nambahin min. Dia gen 1 HKT. Persamaan i. Chaeyeon main vocal sama lead rapper, kwon eunbi bukan rapper, wonyoung bukan lead dancer.

Bukannya sakura dulu pemain futsal,kok bisa jadi idol,udah sakura,main futsal aja ko Ikut-ikutan aja. Kenapa banyak yang bilang wonyoung ga pantes Btw apa iya izone pledis? Admin,Visualnya Izone itu Sakura,coba tonton weekly idol deh. Malah Sakura dibilang visual queen.

Wonyoung my bias gue,walau pun seumuran tapi lebih tua gue sih,gue kira dia tuh bukan ternyata sama kaya gue.

izone profile

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Unknown September 13, at PM. Unknown December 31, at AM.They will debut their first release near early November. The group will be signing contract for 2 and half years.

She is the tallest in the Group and also the Youngest. She is signed under starship Entertainment and has been a trainee for more than a year nearly 14 months.

She used to wear Braces. His father is a Music Teacher that explains her interest in the Music.

izone profile

She has a younger sister. She got long Beautiful legs. She was born in Kagoshima City, Japan. Her Zodiac sign is Pisces. Her favourite drink is green tea latte. She loves to draw. She can sleep anywhere. She has been trained for nearly 7 years. She got a weird style of running. Her family consists of father, mother and a younger brother who is nearly 10 years older.

You can follow her on Instagramtwitter and Youtube. Her Zodiac sign is Libra. She is Korean by Nationality. She is very Talented. She can play Keyboard, guitar and drums.

She is signed under Stone Music and has been a trainee for 9 months. She got Husky Voice. She is look alike to former I.

She is very Energetic. She has trained for 3. Her lips are her secret weapon. She is called the happy virus of the group. She play games all the time.

Her Zodiac sign is Virgo. She can play Piano. She loves shopping around in Gangnam. She is already famous from her appearance in CF.

She was born in Tokyo prefecture, Japan. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She is Japanese by Nationality. She is smallest member in the group. She is a ballet Dancer. She can Fast braid. Her favourite candy is Choco Pie.Do you listen to Moz. This SEO community has a history (some of which is seen in the above quote) of producing, at least, controversial studies. I will be swayed with empirical evidence. It matters more than ever before. Google is in constant flux, constant testing, constant UI change.

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