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Do not opt to learn from Steven Dux. The man lies as nicely as any con artist does to get money from you. I was a part of his chat room after buying his yearly course and we were all instructed together to post information claiming how successful Steven Dux is and how cool and successful his strategies and tactics were and in return we were promised to earn profits like no other.

We were told that we would be given information about penny stocks in which profit is guaranteed. The fact is that Steven Dux holds a degree in behavioral science.

Because of his degree that helps him understand the mindset of people, he is able to convince individuals to opt for his courses. He keeps on saying that you are losing opportunities that has helped others make millions. This is all a part of influence marketing. The fact is that he and many others like him are involved in this business and everyone is connected and into the same business i. Steven is no different from those who seek power and prestige without working for it.

This guy knows nothing and even if he does, he is not skilled enough to share it with others in the proper way. I do not find his course at all helping anyone. He just make joiners get involved in their chat room. The other name of this type of scam is multi-level marketing. Lots of people including me lost our money to Steven Dux. Dux is a professional expert in doing this. And this is the secret behind his formula and investment strategy.

The company that he uses was already shut down previously because of such claims over it. A lot of people who invested using Sure trader complained of their money being used by Steven for his own good. There is nothing in store for those who pay for his course.

Using this company, he claims that he has audit returns that claim of his success but all of this is not at all true. Steven Dux has partnered with many huge heads in the market and asked them to recommend him, which is exactly what is happening. I or no one else in the chat room has any idea of how or what has he been paying to these people for recommending him. All that we know is that we all of these popularity about Steven have been created by Steven Dux himself. Most of the people are not claiming or even avoiding to skip about how we have been fool thinking about how it might feel to let other people know about our foolishness but I want other people to know about how this business works.

The list of stocks trades is imported directly from a broker account and verified using the Profitly system.

steven dux

Steven Dux Profitly stats are equally as impressive. He is listed as number 3 in verified profits on the entire platform. In his lecture, you are then told to buy books about stock trading and opt for classes of Timothy Sykes also. And all of this is forceful. And all these videos about him are fake. The truth is he was a rich lad who wanted to do something with the stock market but he was never able to do it. So, he met Timothy Sykes who was actually a fraud acting as an influencer.

He invited Steven Dux to join him and right now, maybe they both are working as partners and fooling lots of other people. The police should ban them as scam artists who rob people of their money in the name of stock education. And that is why I am writing out to you. Everyone who is reading this, please beware of such scam artists. There are many people like Steven Dux but he is the current one on the trending list who is asking to everyone to market on his name, just to get more members so that he can ask them to buy shares at a higher price than the market as soon as they opt for his lectures.

Steven is a con artist and nothing more than that. You can trust your guts when investing in share market rather than this fraud.Do you want to become a profitable trader. No physical goods will be delivered. Ordering designates not only the sale but also the release date of this material. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Monday, October 12, Get help. Download Free Courses. COM is our file hosting service, please support us to maintain service by becoming premium membership.

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Steven Dux of StevenDuxi.Com

You are going to send email to. Move Comment.Born in China, he moved to America as an international exchange student to study environmental engineering. During his studies he opened a trading account and quickly became obsessed with the stock market, reading all the best books he could buy at a nearby bookstore.

In search of a mentor he discovered Tim Sykes online and went on to become one of his top students. At first he was skeptical of Sykes because of his flashy trader lifestyle on Instagram but decided to sign up for Pennystocking Silver. His ability to handle pressure must be off the charts!

Similar to how companies use case studies to attract more customers. Sykes has interviewed Dux multiple times on his YouTube channel to share his story and inspire new traders. Since bursting onto the scene with Tim Sykes, young aspiring traders have been bombarding Dux with messages hoping to discover the secrets to his success.

Although he started off studying Timothy Sykes, he later learned a great deal from Michael Goode, Mark Croock and Tim Grittani, all mentors within the millionaire challenge program.

Similarly to Grittani, Dux is very analytical and claims to have thousands of excel spreadsheets tracking dozens of chart patterns. This gives him the ability to discover what patterns work the best in a specific time frame. Basing trading decisions on data allows him to stack the odds in favor. From the picture above of his trading desk, the attention to detail is immaculate.

Steven Dux Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Facts and More

Steven has notes and drawings of charts on the wall to drill these charts into his brain. Boring repetition is the best way to learn patterns. This approach to trading is the polar opposite of conventional wisdom on Wall Street. Patience also plays a big part in his success, he waits like a sniper until a setup meets all of his criteria and then places the trade. If the trade goes against him, he cuts his losses early and avoids blowing up his account.

Hence this is why his winning percentage on Profit. Based on my experience, these trading platforms are all great choices worth exploring. Due to the large following he attracted, there was strong demand for Dux to create his own online courses. Dux has two online courses, one daily newsletter and one freedom challenge.This is something that is happening time and again and someone should put a stop to it. The latest money market guru to join the bandwagon is Steven Dux, a Chinese student who is young and so successful that Timothy Sykes, another controversial finance wizard, took him as his student and proudly proclaimed him as his biggest success story and achievement.

It was reportedly the advice given by Sykes that helped Steven Dux make his millions. Things are more complicated than this. Dux is using strategies which are practised by multiple other traders. He has also shown proof of his income which may be true or false, there is no way of verifying. Dux then thought of selling a slightly cheaper money making system of his own as compared to Timothy Sykes since he had anyway struck it rich.

steven dux

Penny stocks is what Dux really specializes in and offers tips on. They are some of the most volatile instruments the world over. It is really difficult to profit from penny stocks and one should be in it for the long haul in general. Steven Dux, based on several complaint and regretful posts from people, is not really generating value for anybody with his course and particularly because he is looking at penny stocks. However, the biggest fraudulent shock comes across from this fact as buyers soon find out- this is not a DVD at all.

In fact, this is only access to online streaming videos.

Steven Dux Review (Scam or LEGIT?)

This DVD covers various aspects including the basics behind trading in stocks, short and long trading, managing risks, strategies for trading and collection of useful statistics. This is common place knowledge posted from here and there and combined into something more presentable but I doubt it really works. Most of the information on this DVD is readily available online without paying a single penny. Most people are losing money since they are going by whatever Dux is saying and as a result, those who are not getting into the core of the stocks that he is choosing, are losing out since prices have been inflated artificially by everybody who is buying into the same.

The biggest problem is that the video cannot be downloaded at all which is really frustrating. An internet connection is always required to watch and learn things from the video and in case this is a problem, you will only end up losing money from something that will be totally useless.

Dux must have his own spurious reasons for not allowing people to download and get videos. Steven Dux also has an army of people who are writing positive reviews for him. He has managed to hoodwink Google and you will never find an accurate review of people who have tried the system and point out any flaws.

There are some of these people but they are covered by the huge stream of positive reviews. He only allows best reviews to link to his site. Some people have written how they are strongly suspicious of Steven Dux who claims to be the guru and able student of another controversial financial hustler Timothy Sykes.Steven Dux born October 18, is famous for being business executive.

He currently resides in China. He has since offered his own financial strategy programs online. He is 25 years old and is a Libra. He doubled majored in environmental science and accounting at college.

The education details are not available at this time. Please check back soon for updates. Both he and Louis Oswald are financial entrepreneurs. Steven is a Libra. Libra is an air sign represented by the scales, an association that reflects Libra's fixation on balance and harmony. Relationships are paramount for Libras, who find balance in companionship. Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. They are regularly coupled, and when they are, they must be careful about seeking attention outside the agreed-upon boundaries of their relationships.

The Richest Professions. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. The Richest. Net Worth Steven Dux. Monique Carrillo Net Worth.

Read more. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth. Victor Houston Net Worth. Debbie Sterling Net Worth. October 18, age He came to the United States as a 15 year old foreign exchange student, with no money, and nearly zero understanding of the English language.

He was a mediocre high school student and not particularly good at math or science. Certainly not the stereotypical Asian student. With nearly no financial resources, he scraped together a few thousand dollars by working odd jobs and began investing in the stock market.

Fast forward a few years, and Xiuxan Du is now a multi millionaire stock trader. No kidding. His life story is very compelling. All of his performance summaries have been audited and verified by TradingSchools. Who is Steven Dux and what is Steven Duxi selling? The Steven Duxi website is selling the following products and services:. The more you spend, the more individualized attention and mentoring the trader will receive directly from Steven.

I'm a 25 Year Old Millionaire. Ask Me Anything.

I am curious why he would even describe his product as a DVD? Instead, what he is actually selling is an online educational portal that teaches the 8 core strategies that Steven uses on a daily basis.

It is confusing. In fact, I would say that these sorts of pricing schemes appear to be predatory. As consumers, we should be offered elegant and simple solutions that quickly help solve our problems. Org first became aware of the Steven Dux website back in The uncorroborated and colorful opinions had less to do with Steven Dux, and more to do with Timothy Sykes.

In fact, we witnessed a Tim Sykes interview with Steven Dux. As a critical reviewer, Steven Duxi had the look of an exploited prostitute, dipped in gold, that Sykes was pimping out over the internet. Which is basically what the video portrayed. I expected this stunt to quickly fail. Very odd.You will find all the basic Information about Steven Dux. Scroll down to get the complete details.

We walk you through all about Steven. Get updated with us about your Favorite Celebs. We update our data from time to time. He has since offered his own financial strategy programs online. Steven Dux is a well known Business Executive. Steven was born on October 18, in China.

As of Steven Dux is 23 years years old. Wikifamouspeople has ranked Steven Dux as of the popular celebs list. Steven Dux is also listed along with people born on Oct One of the precious celeb listed in Business Executive list. We will update you soon. Steven primary income source is Business Executive. We will update soon. Not Much is known about Steven family and Relationships. All information about his private life is concealed.

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steven dux

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