Teraterm messagebox

They can be created in any text editor. The extension used for Teraterm macros is. You need to associate extension ttl with ttpmacro. In windows XP this is done automatically but in windows 7 you need to check if correct association is present. Sometimes Windows 7 this extension is associated with teraterm. To learn TTL quickly, it is best to study the sample macro files in the distribution package and look at the command reference for constructs you do not understand.

Here is a brief tutorial called TeraTerm Macro language for dummies. The type is determined implicitly when the variable is created and cannot be altered afterwards. Also, since TeraTerm 4.


Note that you can also set a timeout for wait, and it will then only hold up the execution of the script for at most timeout. For example, when sending a series of commands to a Linux box, it might look something like the following:. Note that the above code is somewhat ugly. If the prompt were to change say from root localhost to root servernameI'd have to manually replace a bunch of lines. Since I'm lazy, the following format is much nicer:.

Branching is all well and good, but eventually you will want to do something that has some repetition in it. Teraterm has several more or less standard looping constructs. Lastly for the basics is TeraTerm's goto command.

Some people especially those experienced with C and who have experienced the nightmares of spaghetti code view gotos as positively evil and wish they could be nuked from every language in existence. Gotos can do just about anything, but typically not as nicely as one of the above looping structures.

About the only place that gotos should really go is in error handling:. Regular expressions are an interesting creature in and of themselves. An old and relatively well-known quote about regular expressions regexes goes something like this:. Regexes are a double-edged sword that allow you to do stuff with strings that would normally not be possible. Since I don't really want to go into all the nitty gritty, here's a link to wikipediaas well as a fairly-well-laid-out regex tutorial site.

Note that TeraTerm has also posted a reference for the regex engine that they use, but that isn't really laid out for learning TeraTerm has several commands which use the power of regular expressions let me know which one's I'm forgetting In many ways, it is identical to the wait command, just with regular expression support.

The large difference is with regular expression matching.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. From your question, I believe that you wanted to either minimize or hide the Macro box.

This can be easily done with the use of show command. Learn more. How to disable Teraterm macro dialog box Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. Active 3 years, 1 month ago.

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Viewed 2k times. I am using Tera Term V4. Med Med 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges.

teraterm messagebox

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Technical site integration observational experiment live on Stack Overflow.I have 3x switches I bought for training and of course they have a password set.

When I hold the mode key and plug them in, I get the correct message re: The password-recovery mechanism is enabled. Initializing Flash There is the usual pause, during which I hit the break sequence according to several posts in cisco. I also tried several other key combinations, but the breaks weren't. I didn't think it was possible to disable the break function on switches, but just in case I tried a I also used the menu in both putty and tera term to try to send a break.

Does anyone. Since the data I found using google didn't work, I don't want to waste more time experimenting. The only way that I know of to do a password recovery is from the console port. Since password recovery is enabled, follow the Procedure with Password Recovery Enabled. I would recommend reading the section Recovery from a lost or forgotten password. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

teraterm messagebox

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Sending break, WIndows 7, tera term or putty, serial connection to cisco switches. Right after I see this output: Initializing Flash I also tried several other key combinations, but the breaks weren't working. I didn't think it was possible to disable the break function on switches, but just in case I tried a with the same result, or lack thereof.

Labels: Other Networking. Robert Molina. The only way that I know of. I hope this helps.I know this should be easy, but this is why I'm not a coder. Basically, I'm trying to write script for TeraTerm that will log into our Cisco switches perform a 'sh run' command and log the output to a text file on the computer running the script work laptops for this scenario.

I've got that part done and it works well. There's also an error message if the switch that TeraTerm is trying to hit times out and won't connect. Here's where the problem lies.

The error message is basically a subroutine that's called when the connection fails and the system variable 'result' gets set to a value of 1. When the :Error routine gets called, it pops up a dialog box stating that a particular switch could not be reached.

When the 'Ok' button is clicked, the script ends. What I would like is for the error box to pop up, and when the button is clicked for it to move to the next switch in the list. I've tried setting up labels for each switch and giving the label a numeric value that increments with each switch with a int2str function, but that doesn't want to work. I'd like to make the error dialog generic and not repeat the code for each switch. Hi, First of all make sure that you have the latest version ot TeraTerm 4.

New TeraTerm releases are coming out twice a month in average, so I strongly recommend you to bookmark this link if you are active TeraTerm user. The forum also contains dedicated part for TeraTerm scripting related questions and current TeraTerm developers who are moderating these forums will be glad to answer them. You can also report the bug or suggest the new feature you are missing in TeraTerm. TeraTerm scripting problem 2 posts. Tribus: Pennsylvania, you know, the state with Pittsburgh, Philly, and Alabama in between.

Registered: Apr 4, Posts: Posted: Thu Feb 02, pm. Posted: Wed Feb 22, pm.I would like to change the default log file name of teraterm terminal log. I found following ini setting for log file.

teraterm messagebox

It also uses strftime to format log filename. You can specify strftime format to here. However, the escape sequences are not written to the file. To browse log files, which contain escape sequences, it is convenient to use the replay function of Tera Term.

To replay a log file. Tera Term analyzes the specified log file and understands the escape sequence datas. If so, the contents of log file will be displayed in Tera Term window as if the characters were received from the host. We call this function 'replay log'. And also, you can also use 'Host:' on the [File] New connection command.

teraterm messagebox

Change log file name of teraterm log Ask Question Asked 4 years, 8 months ago Active 10 months ago Viewed 5k times. Hi: I have been using TeraTerm for last 3 years now. I am using version 4. I have to always log everything I do while testing the products I works on. So I turn on logging in TeraTerm.

I have one problem with TeraTerm Logging. When I mis type the command on my product and press backspace to cancel it, TeraTerm logs even that in the log file. This confuses me a lot when I go thru the logs. I think TeraTerm must log only after user has pressed "Enter" key. This will have clean log file.Tera Term is Tera Term Pro 2.

Tera Term is open source free software terminal emulator supporting UTF-8 protocol. RSS Back to release list. Sponsored link. System Requirements. System requirement is not defined.

Review Average 4. Your rating? You are not logged in. To discriminate your posts from the rest, you need to pick a nickname. The uniqueness of nickname is not reserved. It is possible that someone else could use the exactly same nickname. If you want assurance of your identity, you are recommended to login before posting. Submit Delete Cancel. Tera Term 4. Tera Term RC 4. Tera Term old archive 4. Released at Release Notes No Release Notes. When the opacity value of the window is temporarily changed by operating the mouse wheel on the title bar of VT window, the tooltip of the opacity value is shown.

The location of resizing tooltip is automatically moved to coordinates after resizing. Added slider for specify the opacity values on the Visual tab of the Additional settings dialog.

Python GUI with Tkinter - 12 - Messagebox

When transparency is not available, made opacity not changeable. The default value is off.A message box is a prefabricated modal dialog box that displays a text message to a user. You show a message box by calling the static Show method of the MessageBox class. The text message that is displayed is the string argument that you pass to Show.

Several overloads of the Show method also enables you to provide a title bar caption. To enable a user to close a message box, Show displays a message box that has an OK button and a Close button in the title bar. You can also use a message box to ask a user a question. The user answers by clicking one of several buttons that you specify to display by using the MessageBoxButton enumeration. You can pass this enumeration to several overloads of the Show method. You can determine which button a user clicks by examining the value that Show returns.

The return value is a value of the MessageBoxResult enumeration, where each value equates to one of the buttons that a message box can display. The default value for message box is OK because OK is the default message box button. However, some overloads of the Show method enable you to provide a different MessageBoxResult default value. Message boxes can communicate information and can ask questions that have varying degrees of importance. Message boxes use icons to indicate importance.

For example, icons can indicate whether the message is informational, is a warning, or is important. The MessageBoxImage enumeration encapsulates the set of possible message box icons. By default, a message box does not display an icon. However, you can pass a MessageBoxImage value to one of several Show method overloads in order to specify that the message box includes an icon. Message boxes sometimes provide special functionality, such as right-to-left reading.

You can customize the behavior of a message box by using one or more MessageBoxOptions enumeration values that are accepted by some overloads of the Show method. Message boxes always have an owner window. By default, the owner of a message box is the window that is currently active in an application at the time that a message box is opened.


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