Urp of national research council

Information prepared by the State concerned, which can take the form of a national report, and any other information considered relevant by the State concerned, which could be presented either orally or in writing. Information contained in the reports of treaty bodies, special procedures, including observations and comments by the State concerned, and other relevant official United Nations documents, compiled in a report prepared by the OHCHR.

University Research Council (URC)

Stakeholders include, inter alia, NGOs, NHRIs, human rights defenders, academic institutions and research institutes, regional organizations, as well as civil society representatives. The national report shall be prepared on the basis of general guidelines adopted by the Council at its sixth session on 27 September The documents prepared by the OHCHR should be elaborated following the structure of these general guidelines.

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urp of national research council

Each of these reports in official languages upon availability can be found below.The Institute is part of the International Scientific Campus "Adriano Buzzati-Traverso" and coordinates the European Mouse Mutant Archive EMMA animal facility and the Monterotondo Mouse Clinic for the production, phenotypic analysis, cryo-preservation and distribution of mutant mouse strains as models of human pathologies. The idea of this multi-task joint venture is mainly to remove traditional barriers among disciplines, bringing together different expertise and develop a shared, more innovative ground for intellectual, experimental and technological exchange among scientists.

The personnel of the Institute comprises about members of staff scientists, technicians and administrative personnel plus a cohort of post-doctoral scientists, PhD students and associated members, working together within a campus of about 16 acres and located in the northern outskirts of Rome and at the "Fondazione Santa Lucia"Research Center in the southern area of Rome.

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Address: "A. Maria di Galeria — Rome. Connexon Creative sifts through all of the most recent scientific literature and news, and selects ….

Home Institute. Research Themes. Muscle biology and pathology Fundamental Mechanisms in Cell Biology Poverty related and neglected infectious diseases Neuroscience Molecular oncology and immunology. Animal Facility Transgenic Facilities. How to reach us. Connexon Creative sifts through all of the most recent scientific literature and news, and selects … Read More. Read More.Italy is facing a new round of coronavirus restrictions: "I think the government is trying to focus the rules where they will have the biggest effect with the fewest restrictions" says Giovanni Maga, head of the DNA Enzymology and Molecular Virology Unit at the Institute of Molecular Genetics Igm of the National Research Council of Italy.

Researchers of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands and Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche Cnr-Itd are currently studying how to introduce the Augmented Reality for supporting behavioural teaching and learning processes at school. Advances in nanoparticle design have opened up a plethora of applications in medicine such as drug delivery and diagnosis. Therefore, it is of outmost importance to understand the impact of nanoparticles on immune response not only in humans, but also in other species and determine their environmental safety.

Researchers from Cnr-Nanotec in Lecce have demonstrated in a work published on Nature that a photon beam can drift laterally from its trajectory due to the topological curvature of its energy band, like if rolling on a cliff it could feel a different wind depending on its polarization state.

Foresight is a interdepartmental project of the National Research Council of Italy, aimed at elaborating coherent research strategies and addressing socially relevant problems related to environment, health, food, enery, security and transportation.

During the closing ceremony of September 6th, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte took part in a public demonstration of encrypted fiber optic communication with Italian quantum technology, performed for the first time in Italy. Quantum technologies represent a new transversal paradigm, which brings together different fields to offer completely new opportunities in sectors ranging from the simulation of new drugs and materials with quantum computers, to self-driving systems and precision agriculture with quantum sensors, up to the secure transmission of data with quantum communication.

The CNR, with its multidisciplinarity, has taken up this challenge also in the European sphere and implements strategies in synergy with other research institutions, the university world, and businesses, to build a future based on knowledge and innovation".

The Cnr-Spin Institute launched a website aimed at understanding the current pandemic and providing support to scientists, policy makers and society at its large, by comparing and interpreting publicly available data with an original approach. Skip to main content. From society to research Institutional Area. Cnr-Spin and Covid Institutional area. Stance4Health Institutional area. Technology transfer office Institutional area.Over biographies of physicists and histories of institutions with information pertaining to their lives, careers, and research.

The National Research Council was organized by the National Academy of Sciences in to associate the broad community of science and technology with the Academy's purposes of further knowledge and advising the federal government.

The Council has become the principal operating agency of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities. June 19, National Research Council was formed at the request of President Wilson within the National Academy of Sciences to recruit specialists from the scientific communities to give scientific advice, Washington D.

May 11, President Wilson formalized the National Research Council's existence in executive order Founder and Director, Office of Scientific Personnel.

Vice-Chairman, Division of Physical Sciences. Member, Committee on Assessment of Benefit of U. Member, Subcommittee on Physics. Passed an executive order to affirm the important and broaden the charter of the National Research Council.

Kemble, Raymond T. Birge, Walter F. Colby, F. Wheeler Loomis, Leigh Page, Alois Francis Kovarik papers, American Geophysical Union records, American Physical Society records, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission papers, Furnas papers, Francis Bitter papers, Francis G. Pease papers, bulk George Ellery Hale papers, George Ellery Hale papers, circa Gordon Scott Fulcher papers, The URC members serve as research liaisons for their academic areas including University Park, the commonwealth campuses and the College of Medicine at Hershey.

Meetings occur eight times throughout the calendar year. For questions regarding URC meetings or membership, please contact ovpr psu. For a printer-friendly table of URC members, please click here. Skip to main content. Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

urp of national research council

Penn State Harrisburg Chancellor's Office. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Penn State Abington. Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. College of the Liberal Arts. Michael J.

Temoignage du president Ousmane Sonko sur le patriote Mortalla [email protected]

Director of Research. Interim Associate Dean of Research. College of Arts and Architecture. Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research. Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses. Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Research. College of Medicine. H Physiology, Hershey, PA. Environmental Health and Safety. Associate Dean for Research. Faculty Senate. Assistant Vice President. Corporate Engagement. Institute for Computational and Data Sciences.

Penn State Altoona. Special Assistant to the Chancellor. Penn State Cancer Institute. University Libraries. Senior Associate Dean.Whereas the Academy was founded in in the midst of the American Civil War, the Research Council was founded in against the backdrop of the First World War, which had consumed Europe since August and threatened to involve the United States as well. In response to growing concerns about the lack of American preparedness, internationally-minded members of the NAS tried to generate interest—ultimately with success—in a national organization for the coordination of scientific and technological research and development.

The need for a new organization within the NAS was felt largely on account of the NAS's relatively small size and inactivity.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Documentation by country​

Although the NAS had been active for the duration of the Civil War and for some years after the cessation of hostilities, it had, throughout the latter part of the 19th century and into the first decade of the twentieth, become relatively inert. This was a situation that was not amenable to George Ellery Halea leading astrophysicist and Academy member since Hale wished to broaden the Academy's scope of activity, and the prospect of US participation in the war in Europe seemed to demand that it do so.

Hale, who in was in his second term as the Academy's Foreign Secretary, had been an advocate of preparedness since the beginning of the war. Welch that the NAS was obliged to offer its services to the U. As the international crisis deepened, Hale took further action.

At the NAS annual meeting held in Aprilhe managed to introduce a resolution advocating the organization of the country's scientific resources. That the President of the Academy be requested to inform the President of the United States that in the event of a break in diplomatic relations with any other country the academy desires to place itself at the disposal of the Government for any service within its scope.

President Woodrow Wilson with a group of Academy members that included Hale. The President gave oral agreement to the proposal. The Academy committee, which Hale chaired, was made up of some of the leading American scientists of the day: physicist Robert A. Millikanbiologist Edwin G. Conklinmedical laboratory director Simon Flexnerand physical chemist Arthur A. In an organizing plan presented to the Academy's governing body on 19 June, the committee called for the formation of.

The plan was approved. A formal organizing meeting was held on 20 Septemberin which Hale was made the first Chairman. The Research Council's original membership was drawn from the government, the various branches of the military, the universities, and private research laboratories.Benzoyl peroxide also helps peel away layers of dead skin, leaving brighter, more rejuvenated skin in its place. Like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid kills bacteria responsible for pimple growth. It also causes skin cells to shed more rapidly, promoting the growth of new skin.

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urp of national research council

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Water research institute (IRSA)

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